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Abstract course 6

2 day Abstract Painting course

with Emma Burnett - £270


Course dates 2018


2018 April Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th - 1 place


2018 June/July Saturday and Sunday 30th and 1st


2018 October Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th


For general course dates please click here for diary page


The course includes coffee and home made cake, lunch and wine.

Meet at 9.30am for coffee ready for a 10am start.  

The day finishes at 4.30pm.


What the course covers

The aim of this course is to cover many aspects of painting abstracts in order to give you knowledge, inspiration and techniques to help you to create your own.  


I will demonstrate and you will paint.

It is intended to be fun and to experiment and to learn rather than to produce a perfect, considered picture.  We will paint several small abstracts over the 2 days and any that remain unfinished you will be able to continue at home.  If you are unhappy with your work, the great thing about oils and acrylics is that you can go over previous work and start again, using the same board, paper or canvas so that

they are not wasted.  


We will look at

Theory and discussion and inspiration

Look at abstract artists

Discuss the working qualities of different paints

Discuss paper, board and canvas and how it affects the painting techniques and drying times

The difference in drying times between oils and acrylics

How to keep acrylics damp to extend the time in which you can use them.

Many aspects of Colour

Incorporating a colour in several subtle and obvious places

throughout the picture

Subtle differences of tone and colour to add interest; Bonnard’s 7 colours

Layering colours

Depth and distance

The zing effect

Small subtle bits of colour to introduce zing colour.

Keeping tonal values consistent.

Mixing colours

How to paint a picture

How to prime a board with oil or acrylic primer

Underpainting and layering

Use of texture mediums

Block in shapes

Uplifting shapes

Heavy colours at the bottom or top

Paint techniques;

Brush strokes - Dry brush -

Blending -both wet and dry

Knife effects

Rag wiping (Rose Hilton)

Creating dots with flat knife.

The difference in drying times between oils and acrylics - wallpaper scrapers

picking up different colours on different edges of knives

and brushes.



Lucy Judd

Abstract Painting with Emma Burnett

Emma's paintings featured in 25 Beautiful Homes magazine June 2016

Follow up Abstract Painting sessions only for people who have done my 2 day course.  I have 7 one day sessions through 2017.  Each one will stand alone or you can come to all.  The idea is to support and encourage you on your creative journey.  You will bring your own materials and work and I will be there to help and guide you, answer practical questions and discuss blocks and problems.  We will look at the different techniques, styles and working practises of famous artists and discuss current exhibitions to visit.

Coffee and cake are included but bring your own lunch.  

£65 per day or £52 per day if you book 5 or more.  Max of 5.

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Materials for you to bring


You need to bring a canvas to work on.


I do have brushes and paints here and if you use mine, I make an at cost charge for paint.  It is ideal to have your own brushes (see below)


Please bring any materials that you have; acrylic paints plus anything else you wish to work with, e.g. pastels, wax crayons and inks.  A range of brushes, apron, rags, mucky clothes.


If you do not have materials then I sugest that you buy brushes.  For brushes I recommend Series A Hog - Filbert shape.  Ideally in sizes 4,6,8 and 12 or just 6 and 8.


We work basically in acrylic paints.  I suggest Golden as a make.


If you wish to paint a picture for a particular space then please bring photos and colour swatches.  


If you have any questions on purchasing materials, do phone me.