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Week 1 - Ways of Understanding Art

Tuesday October 30th  -  7.30pm to 8.30pm



Art from a variety of periods and movements will be explored in

terms of who, how and why they were created plus how they reflect

the needs and desires of the society in which they were produced.

This lecture introduces different ways of approaching art with the

intention of demystifying it to gain a meaningful understanding of

a range of art forms. You will acquire a toolbox of strategies to help

you develop confidence in looking and talking about art, fostering

an informed and engaged opinion.







































Full details of the Art Talk for each week are below but here are the dates.


Week 1  -  Tuesday October 30th - Ways of Understanding Art

Week 2  -  Tuesday November 27th - Three different perspectives on the war memorial

Week 3  -  Tuesday January 29th - Exploring Landscape painting

Week 4  -  Tuesday February 26th - Flowers in Art

Week 5  -  Tuesday March 26th - Bauhaus to our house

Week 6  -  Tuesday April 30th - Land Art

Week 3  -  Tuesday 7th May - Exploring Landscape Painting (re scheduled from January due to bad weather)

Week 7  -  Tuesday May 28th - Art and Controversy


Venue  -  Barcombe village hall  

Week 5  -  Bauhaus to our house*

Tuesday March 26th  -  7.30pm to 8.30pm


Bauhaus was one of the most influential movements of the twentieth century. Its innovative teaching methods spawned a generation of artists and designers who went on to influence future creatives. These Bauhauslers left their mark on international modernism, the legacy of which can still be seen on the high street. There are few homes without some object that owes much of its design to this iconic art movement. This lecture will trace the origins and trajectory of Bauhaus and consider how and why its principles have an enduring appeal.

*with many thanks to Mr. Wolfe

Week 2  -  Remembering the First World War

Three different perspectives on the war memorial

Tuesday November 27th  -  7.30pm to 8.30pm


War memorials commemorate the war dead, the majority of whom never made it home to be buried in their native soil. They act as a tangible reminder not just for those who lost loved ones but to the country as a whole. They serve as a site of memory and myriad examples can be found in all the countries engaged in World War I, the war that was supposed to end all wars. This lecture will focus on three key works that demonstrate different responses and perspectives. Each artist created a powerful statement of his or her nation’s loss infused with their own personal experiences. The narratives conveyed had and continue to have a profound effect on the viewer. Timed to coincide with Remembrance Day, there will be a collection on behalf of Blind Veterans UK, which was originally founded in 1915 as the Blinded Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Care Committee to provide training, rehabilitation and lifelong support to those blinded in the First World War.

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We are presenting this series of Art Talks with lecturer Maria Bonner to take these subjects to a wider audience.  Many people who attend our art courses have developed a wider interest in the whole subject of art.  Maria was my contextural studies lecturer at college and she inspired in me a fascination for the whole subject and a desire to know and learn more.  I know she will do the same for you.


The talks will be held in the lovely Barcombe village hall which is spacious and accesible with free parking.

The talk will run from 7.30pm to 8.30pm.  The hall will be open from 7pm so that you can arm yourself with tea, coffee, cake or wine and these will also be available afterwards so that you can stay and chat.  The evening is designed to be sociable and inspiring.


Each lecture is £10

Just turn up and pay on the door

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Exploring Landscape painting

Tuesday MAY 7TH  -  7.30pm to 8.30pm




Landscape painting is a recognised and much loved genre but it didn’t always enjoy this status. Tracking the development of this art form from its beginnings to the current day, this lecture will consider how artists responded to nature and the continuing appeal for the viewer.


Week 4 - Flowers in Art

Tuesday February 26th - 7.30pm to 8.30pm


The depiction of flowers in art perform a variety of functions and what might appear purely decorative is often saturated with meaning. Exploring how artists used and continue to use flowers in their work, this lecture will explore different approaches from earliest times to contemporary practice.

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Week 6  -  Land Art

Tuesday April 30th  - 7.30pm to 8.30pm



Land art exploded the white cube, taking art out of the gallery and creating a new art form that went beyond recording nature in 2-D or 3-D format to be seen in spaces designated for art. Instead, these artists worked with and in the land. This lecture will introduce the concepts behind this movement and how it has developed worldwide.

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Week 7  -  Art and Controversy

Tuesday May 28th  -  7.30pm to 8.30pm


It could be argued that much art is designed to challenge or shock. Often art that we now consider mainstream and reproduce on myriad T shirts and greetings cards was despised and ridiculed when it was originally produced. However, some art goes beyond this and even becomes the focus of court cases and iconoclasts who wish to sanction the artist or even destroy the work. Looking at some key examples, this lecture will explore the avant-garde  work that shocked and, in some cases, continues to shock contemporary audiences. NB: There may be images and language that some people might find offensive.

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Art Talks  a series of inspiring and thought provoking lectures