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Colour Mixing and Colour Theory 2021

2 day course with Emma Burnett  -  £295

A very practical and information packed 2 day course that will be useful

whatever subject or medium you work with.


Small classes, maxi8mum of 6 people, in a lovely atmosphere with

fresh coffee, cake, delicious lunch and wine.

All materials and sketchbook are provided.  Just bring yourself.


In this course each person will create their own reference sketchbook.

This will remind you about all you have learnt over the 2 days and you

can continue adding to it over the years.  

We will use the sketchbook for annotated examples of

mixed colours and colour theory.  


What is covered

We will look at and understand

The colour wheel

Primary colours

Secondary colours

Tertiary colours

Cold colours

Warm colours

Colour harmony

Colour discord

Tonal values

Colour contrast and energy

Background colours

Paint quality

Fugitive colours

The effect of different papers; hot pressed and not hot pressed and absorbent

Earth tones

Desaturation of strong colours

Useful mixing colours such as burnt umber


We will learn to mix a range of soft greys and natural tones as well as other colours

such as mauve that can't be bought.  

We will understand why colour mixing can fail.  


We will look at famous artists and their use of colour and why it works and the purpose

of different colours within a painting.


All materials and sketchbook are provided.  









colours images Unknown

Course Dates


Wednesday - Thursday

January 20th and 21st



Saturday - Sunday

February 20th and 21st



Wednesday - Thursday

April 13th and 14th



Tuesday - Wednesday

July 6th and 7th


To book phone Emma 01273 400606

[email protected]

Joseph Albers

shows us in his book

The Interaction of Colour


that colour is the most relative medium in art

and that how we see it depends on what is around it.


We will look at the practical application of this so that in addition to mixing colours we will learn how to layer them and sit them in context to make them work.  Basically building colour confidence.