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Fabric Design for Digital Printing  

The aim of the course and the skills we will learn .....


There is a wonderful excitement about seeing your own designs printed onto fabric.  We are going to undertake a simple project that will teach us the basics of how this all works.  We will learn how to design complimentary fabrics with common elements and how to present them to be printed.


You can be a complete beginner or an experienced painter.  Everybody will learn new skills and will progress from their starting point.


As always on our courses there will be lots of demonstrations and information on techniques


Without the constraints of composing a picture for the wall, we are free to try uninhibited paint techniques.  Many people want to loosen up but struggle to do so. This is an opportunity to free up your style to carry over into all painting.


Mediums.  We can work in many mediums, mainly acrylic, gouache or inks.


Painting in Acrylics.  The blue mats have been created in acrylics.  We will learn overlaying and brush marks and techniques to give interesting marks.


Painting in Inks.  The floral mats were created in inks and we will learn how to do loose and free, overlaid brushwork in this dynamic medium.  Inks have a wonderful vibrancy that reproduces on fabric really well and when I have shown some of my ink paintings there are always some ‘Oohs and Aaars”  Learn how much water to use to achieve the marks you want and overlays to produce subtle colour variations and wonderfully interesting marks.


Mark making.  Explore the hundreds of ways to draw simple shapes such as circles and splodges and lines.  They add character and interest to all work.


We will consider colours in designs: picking an intersting palette and threading it gracefully through all 6 designs.


Digital printing has opened up a whole new world for fabrics.  Before this, you could only use a very limited number of colours in your design and you had to order a very large amount of fabric.  Now you can order a swatch or a fat quarter or the exact number of meters for a dress, a cushion or curtains.  Plus you can use an unlimited number of colours in your designs.  All very exciting.


Photoshop.  Photoshop is a computer programme.  Like our brains it is very complicated.  So my aim here is to keep it very very simple.  You need to have some computer and photoshop skills in order to present your designs to be printed and this whole process can put many people off.  My aim is for people with no computer skills at all to be able to take advantage of digital printing.  You will be introduced to what you can do and those who would like to learn can learn but those who have no interest can just have it done for them on the course.  What we will learn is an understanding of what can be achieved and why it is used and overused.


Many commercially produced fabrics these days are now done by people with computer skills rather than artistic skills and so, in my personal opinion, they have lost the wonderful heart and soul that they used to have.  It is not a matter of having advanced and complex drawing or painting skills but the hand drawn or painted mark can never be replaced by something drawn on a computer.




Bring the paints and brushes that you have.  We can use gouache, acrylic or inks.  If you would like to work in inks, please buy at least 3-5 of your favourite colours.  I love J Herbin Inks.  You can buy from Amazon but I never trust their authenticity so buy from Cult Pens.  Delivery is free over £25.


Paper is provided and I have some brushes and additional paints here.


If you have them bring -Bring your Colour Course/Abstract sketchbook, overall if you have one, as inks stain, a good ruler


3 Day Course  -  £425  -  Friday - Saturday - Sunday  -  March 26th, 27th and 28th 2021

5 Day Course  -  £675  -  Monday to Friday  -  March 1st to 5th and June 28th to July 2nd 2021

Coffee, cake and delicious home cooked, healthy lunch with wine are all included.  Please bring your own materials.


3 Day Course

A really fun project of designing 6 co-ordinating fabric table placemats.  Each will have 2 sides and a thin wadding inbetween.  This gives us the opportunity to learn the basics that we need to for future design projects.  On the course we will design and send off for printing.  The making up will come later, on the follow up day if you wish to join us, when we have received the printed fabric back from the printers.  The coloured background to each mat represents the seam allowance but you can see how each mat is a work of art in it's own right rather than a random cut out from a repeated design.  The cost of the fabric printing is at cost, and an additional £30 approx.


5 Day Course

The 5 days gives us longer to explore and immerse in this subject and allows us to undertake different projects that might involve photographing your artwork to submit it for printing.  This allows us to create bigger individual designs such as for a set of large cushions  

On the 5 day course, you can also have your work printed on different fabrics e.g. silk, linen or velvet.

The cost of the printed fabric is extra and at cost depending on how much you have printed.  

Cotton is £20.95 per metre at 140cm wide and velvet is £27.95 per metre at 135cm wide


Every course, whatever the subject, is really a vehicle for learning skills.  There are so many lovely painting and design skills to learn on this with the addition of a fun outcome in the end.  Full course details below on what we will learn ........





Fabric Design for Digital Printing 2021


Floral mats for website Blue mats for website J Herbin Inks

Below:  Set of 6 Floral Mats and Blue Abstract Mats by Emma Burnett

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