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Fabric Design


Fabric Design for Digital Printing


Digital printing has opened up a whole new world for fabrics.  Before this, you could only use a very limited number of colours and you had to order a very large amount fo fabric.  Now you can order a swatch or a fat quarter or the exact number of meters for a dress, a cushion or curtains.  Plus you can use an unlimited number of colours in your designs.


However, you need to have some computer and photoshop skills in order to present your designs to be printed and this whole process can put many people off.  My aim is for people with no computer skills at all to be able to take advantage of digital printing.


Many commercially produced fabrics these days are now done by people with computer skills rather than artistic skills and so, in my personal opinion, they have lost the wonderful heart and soul that they used to have.  It is not a matter of having advanced and complex drawing or painting skills but the hand drawn or painted mark can never be replaced by something drawn on a computer.


There is a wonderful excitement about seeing your own designs printed.  We are going to undertake a simple project that will teach us the basics of how this all works.  We will learn how to design complimentary fabrics with common elements and how to present them to be printed.


For those who would like to, we will then have a free follow up session to see what everyone has made.


The aim of this course is


To design range of fabrics in order for them to be digitally printed.  Each individual design will be quite small and not exceed A4.

A 3 day Course  -  £395


Tuesday - Wednesday and Thursday the 13th, 14th and 15th of October 2020


The Fabric Design Course on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the 13th, 14th and 15th of October will definitely go ahead.  I have had this in my head for many years and am really excited about it.  Putting together a new course is quite complicated and a lot of work so that it works well for all the people who come and everyone learns lots of useful information in an easy and relaxed way.  I have allocated the next few weeks to work on it and finalise all the details.  By the end of September the full course details will go on the website.  There is no need to make any commitment until then.  Places for this October will be limited to 6 so if you want to be assured of a place then do let me know.  There is no need to pay anything at this stage.


Also, if you would like to come and there is anything specific that you would like to learn or achieve please let me know by email.