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The Flower Painting courses at Bradness Gallery have proved to be a great success, so I have decided to add in some extra ones.  They are all suitable for complete beginners, those with some experience, or those who have previously attended one of my courses and wish to enjoy exploring further.


3 day Flower Painting using watercolour, gouache and ink  -  £425  -  all materials provided


Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday  -  March 9th, 10th and 11th


Friday - Saturday - Sunday  -  April 23rd, 24th and 25th


Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday  -  May 25th, 26th and 27th










'If you have always wanted to "have a go"  or already paint, I can't recommend Emma's flower painting course enough. As a beginner I  have completely surprised myself with what I have managed to achieve in 3 days under Emma's knowledgeable and encouraging tutorage.  From beginning to end the whole experience has been joyful and definitely one I wish to repeat'.  Jane


‘ I had never painted before Emma’s flower painting course – but having been a lifelong art lover and passionate about nature and all things colourful, I attended with some nerves about being no good and somehow failing. However these soon dispelled as I LOVED it from the first few minutes and even took home my first ever framed painting, which was incredibly gratifying.

Emma is a really lovely person - so friendly and relaxed, but at the same time hugely knowledgable; informative and a great teacher (as well as passionate about her art) that I lost all my inhibitions quickly at the start of the course. It was quite the most lovely three days I have spent for a long time – in beautiful surroundings; in a relaxed but productive environment and I learnt a lot. Not to mention the delicious lunches and home- made cake - a really nice group of other people at the same sort of standard as me. I have lost my fear of mixing and playing with colour and just trying anything- I can’t wait to do another course and it has inspired me to continue painting, and that most importantly everyone can produce something with the right help.’

Lucy Alwyn







My flower painting background started with Botanical Illustration, but I like to paint in a free and joyful way bringing

out the beautty and movement of flowers and the joy of the garden.  Once you understand flower painting, then you

can explore the subject in endless ways and in numerous mediums.


My teaching approach is designed to encourage and inform you in whichever style you wish to explore.  

When looking at Dufy and Hitchens we will discuss how to achieve their wonderful styles.

With a maximum of 6 students, we will work overlooking the Bradness garden, each selecting flowers

and foliage from it for our inspiration.


On these courses, we will work in pencil, pen, watercolour, gouache and ink.  

We will spend 3 days luxuriating in the peace of flower painting.  

We start on worksheets by drawing and painting simple leaves, then leaf stems and then single flowers.  

After that we progress to composing and painting a picture which you will take home framed and ready

to hang.


Best quality paints, brushes, paper and flowers are all included.  Also included is a lovely mount and frame.  

Do not feel under any pressure to finish your painting as these can be taken home but it is a fun and inspiring

thing to do to see your work with a finished presentation.

The days will start at 9.30 and finish at 4.30.  

For photos from previous courses please click HERE







Previous course photos


All the paintings and worksheets shown are from complete beginners.  On day one of the course we practise simple leaves, leaf stems and flowers and after that we start to put them together into a painting.




IMG_0799 IMG_0821 IMG_0811 IMG_0809

Flower paintings by Emma Burnett

Flower Painting with Emma Burnett  -  2021

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Flower paintings by Ivon Hitchens

Flower Paintings by Raoul and Jean Dufy

Jean Dufy

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Flower Painting course