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The course will cover


Seeking out the best available site or plot


Soil preparation and improvement


Planning ahead for the type of flowers wanted and thinking about colours and filler flowers


Seed sowing both direct and in modules depending on available space


Tips on the best cut and come again varieties, perennials and foliage


Staking and general maintenance


Tips on when to pick and how to increase vase life and putting together a bouquet as a present


Lots of great web addresses for tips, seeds and inspirational blogs



Growing Cut Flowers for the house

with Judy McClelland

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The day will start with fresh coffee at 9.30 ready for a 10am start and will finish at 4.30.  Coffee, tea, home made cake, delicious lunch and wine are all included, so this day makes a great present.

You can grow flowers that are your favourite colours.


You can grow flowers that are seldom found in shops as cut flowers.


Unusual varieties of tulips can be grown and they are so much sturdier and stronger than any that have been force grown.

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One of the great joys of growing your own flowers is also growing some good foliage, which makes your vase look so much more interesting.  


You can plant a smokebush like the one on the right even in a small garden and keep it to the size you want by cutting it for flower arrangements.


The Angelica on the right makes for very large and spectacular displays.


The acid yellow green brings colours to life.

Flowers such as Echinacea on the left are adored by bees and butterflies, bringing even more life and interest to your garden.


When you choose your own varieties you can grow flowers of all different shapes and sizes for much more interesting displays; long, elegant and delicate stems mixed in with strong round ones.  

Choosing your own varieties means so much more interest for cut flowers than the cut flowers sold in the shops.

Course date


Thursday 23rd August 2018 - 9.30am to 4.30pm - £85



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Judy McClelland


Judy has always been interested in gardening and while working as a physiotherapist in the Netherlands, gained the RHS General certificate in horticulture by correspondence.

When she returned to the UK she was keen to try growing cut flowers and followed a course run by a flower grower in East Grinstead.


Five years ago she found a plot to rent in Isfield, complete with polytunnel, which was the start of her enterprise. Judy makes up mixed bunches throughout the summer to sell locally using mainly annuals grown on the plot, supplemented by perennials and foliage from the garden. The annuals are grown from seed, either sown directly in the plot or started in modules in the polytunnel.


One of the most important things for her is growing flower varieties that have a long vase life. Also important is growing a mixture of varieties so that there are filler flowers along with focal flowers to make up the bunches.


Judy loves the idea of sharing her growing experiences, both good and bad with others and being able to give tips on sowing and choosing flower varieties that give the maximum back.


The follow up session has been added free of charge to give you a chance to ask any questions and to swap seedlings and plants.  Judy may have some of hers to sell.

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