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Spithurst Road, Barcombe, East Sussex, BN8 5EB, UK.  Tel: 01273 400606


are a fabulous way to own some original artwork for your home. They bring a

room to life.  The subtle tonal variations in the colours ensure that they blend and enhance your decor in a subtle and contemporary and way.  The fabric paint becomes translucent when the bulb is lit giving the design it's own evening life.  Printed fabrics do not light up in this delicious way.  


Lampshades are fully Lighting Association safe.


Painting lampshades is somewhat of an obsession for me.  My head buzzes with design ideas and with every one I paint, I develop the idea for more.



                                       has a display of over 100 different designs


                                                     We ship globally.  Postage and packing is included in the UK.


Browse through our online shop - Each design can be ordered in any size.

Remember that each and every lampshade is hand painted by Emma Burnett so will vary slightly from the one shown in the photograph but the essence will always be the same.


Please contact Emma if you wish to chat anything through.  You get to speak to the

designer.  Hopefully a joy in our AI world.


Telephone  Emma 01273 400606 (9am-5pm UK time, including weekends)


[email protected]

Hand Painted Lampshades by Emma Burnett

foto_no_exif (29)
Lampshade Pink adn Blue Provence Provence lampshade green and purple



20cm diameter  -  £49

25cm diameter  -  £67

30cm diameter  -  £83

35cm diameter  -  £97

40cm diameter  -  £110

45cm diameter  -  £140






Global postage and packing included

Contemporary lampshades by Emma Burnett