Bradness Gallery 

Spithurst Road, Barcombe, East Sussex, BN8 5EB, UK.  Tel: 01273 400606

General Course Information

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2 Day course

Classes have a maximum of 5 people.

Arrive at 9.30am for coffee before a 10am start.  Finish at 4.30pm.


The 2 day course is suitable for complete beginners or those who would like to brush up on basic techniques.  We learn in watercolour as it is a good teaching medium.


All courses include all materials, coffee, home made cake and delicious lunch with wine.  Special diets are catered for.  Plenty of free parking.




Follow up Sessions

These are only available to people who have already attended a course.

Students bring their own project, materials and lunch.  Coffee and cake are provided when at Bradness.




'En plein air' View in a Day sessions on location around Sussex

These run like the follow up sessions but will be out and about in Sussex where Michael regularly paints.  Please just get in touch and Mike will keep you informed.













Landscape Painting Courses - 2021


Materials are provided on all these courses with the exception of the follow-up days


Landscapes in Watercolour - 2 day course - ££295


Saturday and Sunday  27th and 28th March 2021  

Wednesday and Thursday  28th and 29th April 2021  

Wednesday and Thursday  10th and 11th June 2021


Designed for complete beginners and those who have painted before and wish to re-kindle their desire to paint again and brush up on the basic techniques.


The 2 day course covers all topics below.  Mike demonstrates each topic and then you  have a go.  On the second day you will then consolidate all that you have learnt by painting your own picture from start to finish, revisiting and reinforcing what you have learnt and working on any aspects that you find difficult. You can bring your own sketches and photos to work from or Michael can provide you with inspiration.

>  You should go home with a completed painting from this course.

Topics covered will include

>  stretching paper,

>  picture construction,

>  painting skies and clouds,

>  how to create a sense of depth and distance using tone and colour,

>  painting foliage and reflections in water.





One to One Mentoring Sessions  -  £75 per hour

Invaluable for people who are stuck with certain aspects in their painting journey to enable them to progress forward.  Coffee and cake included.

A little film of our courses

Landscape painting courses and one day follow up sessions  with Michael Cruickshank 2021

On the Downs copy aoh 2014m Above Glynde Painting above Glynde - mapping in the view Painting above Glynde - blocking in the tonal valu Mike Painting outdoors Glynde view

Learn how to paint skies and clouds and to create a sense of depth and distance

Creating a landscape painting outdoors on the 3 day courses ........



Set up your easel

Map in the view on a canvas or board that you have already put a softening background colour on

Start blocking in the tonal colours

Continue adding more detail working from the background towards the foreground 

Your picture can then be finished in the studio, or come back again.  Make notes in a sketchbook or use a dictaphone to remind you of the atmosphere and detail that you want to capture.

Monet used to work on a series of different paintings that each covered a different time of day

autumn reflectionsl

All the courses will cover how to create

reflections in water

Art studio Bradness Art Studio

The art studio at Bradness Gallery

Learn how to paint trees and foliage

First select your view

In this case, the dewpond above Glynde

Some photos from our painting courses.  

Click on one and then it will enlarge and you can scroll through.

Follow-up Sessions - for those who have already attended a course


£75 per day (£60 per day if you book 5 sessions in advance).

These sessions are designed for those who have already attended one of Michael's courses. You bring along your own packed lunch, art materials and project to work on. Michael will be on hand to help and guide you with your paintings in a friendly and supportive environment. Most importantly of all, we keep you supplied with tea, coffee and cake! Maximum of four people per session.


2021 dates:    


Friday 8th January,  Thursday 28th January,  Thursday 18th February,  Thursday 11th March,  Wednesday 14th April,  Tuesday 25th May,  Saturday 12th June,  Friday 2nd July

(more dates will be added as the year progresses)