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Purple and green Provence lampshade
Provence lampshade yellow

Provence Lampshades

The desire to create patterns comes from all around.  Mike and I have been to Provence many many times to visit the museums and art galleries, soak up the sunshine, swim in the sea and enjoy a glass of red wine.  The artisitc influence there is endless and there is wonderful original art to see by my favourite artists such as Bonnard, Matisse and Dufy.  The photographs on this page were taken in a hilltop village called Lussan.  The colours on the doors are exquisite where the sun has cracked and faded the original colours into something very special.  They have inspired these textured fabric designs.

Provence Lussan D Provence Lussan F Lussan Provence Mauve door Pink Provence lampshade by Emma Burnett

Hand painting allows delicious subtle complexities in the design




Colour samples are snippets of paintings by Bonnard and Matisse


The lampshades are painted over a

period of time and in layers to

achieve the effect of aging in old Provence

Provence grey doors Pierre Bonnard


Pierre Bonnard

Self portrait

oil on canvas


Bonnard was known as the greatest colourist of

The Impressionists

Provence artists painting snippet Painting colour sample Painting snippet Provence lampshade green and purple Lampshade Pink adn Blue Provence Lavender bucket colour snippet Lampshade rust and blue abstract