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A one day course in designing and establishing your own Vegetable Patch in the space that you have available so that it is abundant and easy to manage

NIGEL PHILIPS - Thursday 27th July 2017 - £85

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This course is designed to help those who would like to start growing their own vegetables.  Nigel will show you the important things to consider so that over the years your energy goes into sowing, growing and harvesting your vegetables and you get the most out of your own plot.


You can bring some photos of your own space, together with sketches showing trees and prevailing wind and sun direction.  It would also be useful to bring a list of the vegetables and salads that you like to eat.


Nigel will discuss soil and show us a fabulous way to create your own amazing soil in new raised beds.  Each garden has it's own pest problems and we will discuss ways to keep your produce for you and your family rather than the local wildlife population!


We will practise planting seeds and give you an easy alternative if you don't want to do that.


You should go home inspired and armed with knowledge to grow your own.


The day includes a delicious lunch with wine, tea, fresh coffee and home made cake.



For some people making a vegetable plot look lovely and blend with the garden is a priority.  The traditional Cottage Garden style mixes flowers and vegetables which can help with pollination and pests and looks delightful.

Choosing the right varieties is vital.  


For example, some tomatoes and cucumbers are designed to be grown in a greenhouse and some are more robust and can be grown outdoors.

garden 14 Painting course lunch painting course lunch ottolenghi salads

Sown and harvested

by the children.

The photo on the right shows a rabbit fence that has been made into an attractive feature.  


Using a weed suppressing membrane topped with gravel can mean that weeding around the raised beds becomes unnecessary.  It also puts slugs and snails off making the journey to eat your vegetables.

A pond in the garden can encourage pollinating insects who need to drink from the water and frogs and toads can eat your slugs and snails.